Convenient Food Mart Rewards Program
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Frequently Asked Questions

Convenient Food Mart CFM Rewards is a program to promote and compensate loyalty to the CFM brand of stores.

CFM Rewards is Convenient Food Mart’s rewards program that allows you to save at the fuel pump and in the store! Join CFM Rewards and save in the following ways:

  1. Swipe your CFM Rewards card at the register, scan the CFM Rewards app, or enter your Alt-ID at check out and earn 5 cents off per gallon for every $25 you spend inside CFM/CFM Express stores. Your $25 builds up over multiple visits. Track your progress in the CFM Rewards app or at the bottom of your purchase receipt.
  2. Punch card clubs – Purchase a quantity of any product within each club and earn your 9th product free
  3. Save additional money on purchase of 2 pack/cans of Marlboro, Copenhagen, Skoal, Red Seal, Husky, Grizzly and ON! Products

Scan your CFM Rewards card, scan the CFM Rewards app, or enter your CFM Rewards Alt-ID every time you make a purchase and watch your savings accumulate on the CFM Rewards app or website. Exclusions apply.

When you are ready to redeem your fuel discount, you can either swipe your CFM Rewards card or enter your CFM Rewards Alt-ID at the pump and see the fuel price rollback on the dispenser. Inside the store, you can present your CFM Rewards card, the CFM Rewards app, or enter your CFM Rewards Alt-ID on the pin pad with cashier assistance.

The first step is to pick up a CFM Rewards card at any CFM/CFM Express location. The next step is to log on to or download the CFM Rewards IOS/Android App. Enter your card number, 3 digit security code and basic information to differentiate your card. An email address or phone number is all that is required for registration. Your personal info will not be distributed to anyone else.

An email address or phone number is the only info required for registration. This is merely to differentiate users. Convenient Food Mart is not passing along personal information to any other party.

Yes! You receive 20 cents off per gallon on your next fuel fill up (max 20 gallons) on your CFM Rewards account upon registration.

Your Alt-ID is your phone number. As a CFM Rewards member, you can use your phone number instead of the CFM Rewards card or CFM Rewards app in-store or at the pump.

You will be able to earn rewards and free punch club products without registering your card. You will not be able to track or redeem any rewards or free products that have been earned until the card is registered.  Also, if you lose an unregistered card, we will be unable to transfer your balance to a new one. Additionally you can receive the tobacco 2 pack/can additional savings with an unregistered card.

No. Your purchases build up over time, so you do not have to spend $25 in one visit. Every time you shop at CFM/CFM Express and swipe your CFM Rewards card, enter your CFM Rewards Alt-ID or scan the CFM Rewards app, your pre-tax balance will count towards earning your next reward. Exclusions apply.

No. Fuel, alcohol, tobacco products (including vaping products/nicotine pouches), cbd, lottery, gift cards, all other age restricted products and sales tax are excluded from earning rewards. 

Cents per gallon rewards will expire at the end of the following month from when they were earned. For example, if you earn cents off any time in January 2022, they will expire at the end of February 2022.

The expiration date for your cents off reward will display on your CFM Rewards app, or at the bottom of your purchase receipt. Punch card clubs do not expire, building towards your 9th product free.

You can view both your reward balance and punch card club progress on the CFM Rewards app and website. It will also display at the bottom of your purchase receipt.

Fuel savings and club punches should instantly populate following the conclusion of purchase. The initial sign-up bonus of 20¢ off per gallon may take 2-4 business days to show in your account.

No, you do not need to have a smart phone in order to be a rewards member. The CFM Rewards app helps keep you up to date on the latest in-store deals and promotions to earn cents off. The smart phone app also helps easily track your cents off fuel and punches earned towards your 9th product free. You can register at without a smart phone.

There is a 20 gallon limit on fuel cents off redeemed for a fill up.

Pick up a new card from any CFM/CFM Rewards location and login to the CFM Rewards app or website to link that card to your account.

CFM Rewards is a completely free program focused on rewarding customers for shopping at CFM/CFM Express.

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